WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Cal Skate Roller Derby and 5 Cities Roller Kitties have decided to merge. Our fans will finally be able to see their favorite Roller Kitty skaters in a venue closer to home!! We at 5CRK are extremely grateful to our derby sisters at Cal Skate with whom we’ve been training with for the last 6 months. By joining forces with Cal Skate our league will not only benefit from the vast experience of their leadership and coaching staff but each skater will be ensured the opportunity to keep doing what she loves, playing derby!! Thank you Cal Skate Roller Derby!!

If you would like to join Cal Skate Roller Derby please contact them at Cal Skate Roller Derby

Founded in September 2010 by Elizabeth Dickel aka Lucky LoLo, who was looking for a way to continue her love of playing roller derby yet still allowing time for her writing career and family life. The members of 5CRK are strong, motivated women, who care about their community, believe in the empowerment of women, train hard, respect and support their teammates and love the sport of Roller Derby.


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